essential guide to sports nutrition and bodybuilding

The Essential Guide to Sports Nutrition and Bodybuilding

“The Essential Guide to Sports Nutrition and Bodybuilding” contains everything you need to know about losing weight, burning fat, gaining muscle, and above all living a long, healthy, and vibrant life. 

This science-backed 800-page book is full of colour pictures, simple descriptions, and paragraph breaks to allow for easy reading. “

topics Covered


Veganism, Ketogenesis, Intermittent Fasting, Calories, Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals, Bloating, Diets and Fat Loss, Sugar, Dairy, Meat, Fat, Carbs, Protein, Supplements, Water.


Hormones, Blood Flow, Gut Health, Diet Breaks, Re-Feeds, Anti-Carcinogenic Foods, Anti-Ageing, Stress, Cooking Methods, Sleep.


The Benefits of Exercise, The Science behind Muscle Groth and Fat Loss, Genetics, Bulking, Cutting, The Truth About Cardio, Muscle Growth and Fat Loss for Women.


Recipes, Tracking your Progress, Motivation, Gym Music, The Myths Behind Diet and Exercise, and More Interesting Stuff. 😉

Outstanding Features

So, What Else Do You Need to Know About This INCREDIBLE Book???? 

  • Over 254 Colour Photographs and Illustrations.
  • Science-Backed Information Backed-Up by Over 580 Clinical Studies and References.
  • Simple Descriptions, Paragraph Breaks and a 'Key-point Summary' at The End of Each Chapter.

Readers say

“The Essential Guide to Sports Nutrition and Bodybuilding” is an encyclodpedia of information best suited for anyone looking to improve their diet, health and lifestyle from newbies to professional bodybuilders.”


“Be careful where you get your advice from. I would strongly recommend “The Essential Guide to Sports Nutrition and Bodybuilding.” Dr Jonathan Lee has a wealth of knowledge in this area which is relayed well in his books.”


"The Essential Guide to Sports Nutrition and Bodybuilding" is an incredible, unique, and informative book with lots of pretty pictures to keep you entertained."
"A fantastic book. Really simple to understand and easy on the eyes. Anyone looking to get the perfect beach body must buy 'The Essentials' book"

“The Essential Guide to Sports Nutrition and Bodybuilding” is a comprehensive, well-formatted primer for eating and exercising with bodybuilding in mind…Lee defers to the science and presents things in a balanced manner providing the pros and cons for various diets and supplements.”


“…everything you need to know about dieting, growing muscle, weight training, and exercise regimes is covered in immense detail within ‘The Essential Guide to Sports Nutrition and Bodybuilding.’ and why so many diets fail in the long term…